Leave it to the Professionals

You need a website.  Why not do it yourself?
I’ll tell you why…

Professional results come from professionals

If you have considered building your own website, chances are you have a startup business and thought to yourself, “I can do this myself…with all these great new tools available that make drag and drop design a snap”, right? The reality is, the real cost of using one of these online services is your time. You have to ask yourself how much is your time worth. What they don’t explain is how much time you will spend learning how to use their website builder, planning the layout and trial and error of web design in general. Sure, they make it sound easy and for some, that may be true, but I have discovered that many clients have learned the hard way, that the time initially invested to create your own website with these web builders is far more significant than they make it appear. And if you aren’t familiar with current and popular UX (User Experience) or UI (User Interface) design, you can easily design yourself into a corner and end up with a sub-par result at which point you turn to a professional web designer anyway.

Another huge drawback of using one of these propritary web tools is you don’t own your website. The goal (for them) is to have you invest so much of your time building your own website with their proprietary website builder, that it becomes harder and harder as time goes on to walk away at which point you are stuck paying their monthly fees which can go up in the future.

The platform which professional designers use today, in most cases often include very similar drag and drop functionality which is great for end users to maintain and update existing content after it is initially built. But, building your website from start to finish should be left to the pros.

If you value your time, want a professional result, and want to have full control over your website, you are better off hiring someone with experience who can deliver a website in a timely manner which establishes a credible presence on the web for your business.

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